Ah Maze Zing Dump Trucker 1.0

Ah Maze Zing Dump Trucker 1.0



Size:18.9 MB

Date Added:03 October, 2014

Author: Super Fly Poppy Seed Studios

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AMZDT is one of the best 3D multiplayer maze games for the iPod, iPhone & iPad.

Play against people all over the world as you truck onto the finish line in this truly Ah Maze Zing gameplay experience!


You start off with your standard 16 Ton dump truck, but soon you'll have a complete warehouse at your disposal-even a SOLID Platinum Big Daddy Dump Truck of them all with Triple Dually exhaust jacked up with big fatties on the back with speed like no other dumptruck on the planet! Not only are you racing LIVE players to the end of the maze, but during the race you're also collecting ˜back hoe™ gems while experiencing Ah Maze Zing power ups.

Who ever WINS the race gets to put their ˜back hoe™ gems into the "money maker" and turn them into coins!

You then can use these coins in the game to unlock more dump trucks, levels, accessories, and power ups.

We're adding new features all the time, so check back early and often.


The maps are RANDOMLY generated everytime you play, so you'll never play the same maze twice.

Practice as much as you want in the single Play mode, then head over to multiplayer to take on live people head-to-head through gamecenter.

Ah Maze Zing Dump Trucker is...

- Retina Ready
- Universal, Works on iPod, iPhone & iPad
- DAZZLING 3D graphics
- Tons of dump trucks
- New accessories added monthly

- Multiplayer
-For All Ages!

See you on the road again .

Talk soon,

Super Fly Poppy Seed Studios, LLC.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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